Hi! I’m Georgina.

Welcome to my website!

Whether you’re here to explore the idea of yoga or coaching, are raring to sign up for some sessions or are just browsing for inspiration, please feel free to get in touch to say hello.

Let's get the official stuff out of the way first – I’m a fully accredited coach and yoga teacher, certified by both Association for Coaching and Yoga Alliance approved training providers, and I am member of the Association for Coaching. If that sounds like gobbledygook to you, don’t worry, it just means I adhere to a strict code of ethics and have been formally trained!

What is coaching?

When I tell people I’m a life coach the next question is almost always ‘I’ve heard of life coaching but I’m not really sure what it is?’.

To me, coaching is a non-judgemental way of looking at what is and isn’t working in your life, figuring out how to change the not-so-great bits and making a plan to put those changes into action.

Sounds so simple right?

Who needs a coach for that?! But how many times have you decided you’re sick of feeling like life is passing you by, or you feel trapped and unhappy and this time you’re going to take that drastic jump into a new career/new fitness regime/new lifestyle … only to find that a week, a month, 6 months later nothing has really changed.

This is where coaching can help!

What if…

  • you could explore ideas (yep, even that secret one you don’t tell anyone!)
  • you could conquer the niggly thoughts holding you back
  • you had the support to take a really honest look at what is and isn't working in your life
  • you could develop a deeper understanding of what makes you tick
  • you could create practical steps to propel yourself forward

… and what if, with all those things, that big jump becomes exciting not daunting?

I’m not going to make an empty promise that transforming your life is as easy as showing up for a few coaching sessions – the truth is change can be difficult, slow and messy but coaching gives you a solid foundation to build from. At that point, once you’ve laid the foundations by increasing self-awareness and understanding, the A-HA moment can happen, where suddenly options you didn’t realise you had spring up and the path towards change becomes clear!

If you are working towards the life you want, your starting point is nowhere near as important as where you’re going


Before coaching I had spent time in therapy, digging up my past to try to understand how I ended up where I was in my life, but I was ready to move forward and I didn't know how. Georgina guided me through the coaching process and made it all very easy, never judged me and always helped me get to actions that would drive me forward, as well as keeping me accountable for them.


I very much enjoyed my life coaching sessions with Georgina. She was a great listener, and it was extremely beneficial to run through the different aspects of life, finding out what you ultimately want from it, as well as the values that shape you and those around. Even if you consider yourself fairly level headed, I would still recommend this for personal development. It makes you more sure of who you are.


Georgina really helped me get through a difficult period at work and in my personal life, giving me tangible weekly goals every session that I could work towards to achieve my aims. Her style was personal, but objective, and always kind. I’d thoroughly recommend her services to others who, like me, need a neutral third party to help you get to where you want to be.


Georgina really helped me understand what values are important to me, which was so helpful for figuring out what kind of job I should be looking for. Having a better understanding of my goals gave me the confidence to apply for a job I previously would have been too intimidated to apply for – and I got it!


Having had plans change as a result of the impacts of Covid and being unsure of what to do now and moving forward, Georgina’s coaching sessions were a supportive and incredibly useful guide in helping me to see beyond the uncertainty. Georgina’s patient, encouraging and kind approach enabled me to feel completely at ease. I found that so many things became clearer as she guided me through finding my own values and learning how to set and work towards achieving specific goals. The learning from our sessions continues to influence the way I am approaching my daily and longer term thoughts and habits.