The third session was a definite breakthrough for me.

Georgina wanted to ask more about my goal to check it worked for my lifestyle and was right for me. After a few prodding questions, l suddenly realised that my goal was too broad. The minute l made it more specific everything started to fall into place. Getting paid to do any kind of creative work was not specific enough and because of it, it was hard for me to realise what things l could say yes to, to get closer to my goal and what things were important to say no to in order to move forward.

I won’t mention the actual goal here because it's a bit personal but let's just say it's still related to creative work but much more specific in terms of what, when and where. Once l had established those things Georgina brought my attention to how my body language had relaxed. She thought it would be useful to go further into goal analysis and have a look at enablers for my goal as well as practical barriers against it. This was very useful because it allowed me to see opportunities and obstacles l hadn't thought about before, which in turn allowed me to tighten the plan and get closer to achieving it.

Later on we went back to values. If there's anything l’ve learnt from life coaching, it’s that if you're not in line with your values it will be very difficult to achieve any goal because there will be huge lack in motivation, so now when something in my life is not working l have a look at my values and then re-evaluate the situation. Sometimes the outcome is that l need to let something go or that there is a change that needs to be made. This can be frightening but at least now l know that l don't have to feel stuck anymore.

When the session was coming to an end l told Georgina that l had heard a phrase that resonated with me in terms of my goal: There are two important days in your life, the day you were born and the day you find out why. Georgina said it was clear that purpose is very important to me, and l think it is. I think now l feel l can go into the world knowing that l am working towards something and that was only session 3! I’m excited to see what the rest of the sessions will bring.