Laying Foundations

Session 4 was extremely useful. Georgina asked me about what areas of my life could help me reach my goal the most. We looked at a chart and I immediately realised that romance was completely irrelevant to reaching my career goal. We crossed it out and started looking at the others.

It was important to figure out how l was doing in all the areas in order to be able to prioritise the ones that were a bit neglected. It turned out that most of the areas like relationships, safe home environment and career development were doing ok, the one area that was very obviously not very successful was money. The most important step to take in order to achieve my long-term goal at this moment, was to find a way to support myself. In the past l was reluctant to take on just any job because the idea of making less that London living wage and working nights for example, was appalling. But thanks to Georgina's guidance l could now see that if l wanted to access better paid acting jobs or build a copywriting business on the side, it’s imperative l have my basic needs covered financially in order to have the creative space and freedom to develop everything else without the pressure of needing to make an income straight away.

Georgina noticed l’m doing a lot of little jobs at the moment and she asked if it would be better to streamline my sources of income. Of course that makes perfect sense, but because l’m a performer l find it difficult to commit to any kind of stable job that doesn’t give me the flexibility to drop out at a moment’s notice for auditions or performances. Waitressing would work so well because it’s easy to get cover when needed, but l am so incredibly clumsy that l find the idea terrifying!

After the session however, the fact l needed to find some kind of flexible employment, regardless of how well paid or well respected it was, kept resonating with me. I found that the moment l stopped focusing on copywriting or acting related jobs and opened myself up to other options, opportunities started to come my way. I found an ad to work as a receptionist in a fitness centre and it turned out to be a very flexible company in terms of shifts and that really aligns with what I need. By working with this company l can make sure l stay fit and healthy, as well as have financial peace of mind while l plan my next move.

Session 5 here l come!