In our final session we did some CBT exercises to work on my core beliefs. These are too personal to write about here so instead, for this post about my final session with Georgina, l’d like to talk about how things slowly turned around for me.

When l first started meeting with Georgina, l wasn't in a good place in my life. I was feeling low, heartbroken and was struggling financially. I was scared of what the future would bring if l continued down the same route and that's why l decided to try life coaching. I didn't quite know what it was but l thought, my life is not working out the way l want it to and perhaps some guidance will help. Throughout my journey with Georgina we set goals and tasks, we talked about obstacles, beliefs and values. I didn't manage to fulfil every task, l haven’t yet reached every goal but the most important thing life coaching gave me was a sense that l was back in control of my own life, that there were things l could do to affect the outcome and that's when everything started to change. When l focused on what was truly important to me instead of just trying to please everyone and get any job, great opportunities started to come my way. In the last few weeks l have booked five acting related jobs and found the perfect day to day job to see me through the quiet periods!

During one of the first sessions Georgina and l established that money was one of the biggest obstacles to stay an actor, and l tried to develop a side business in order to gain some financial security. In the end, that security came from shifting my priorities, setting a long-term goal and utilising my network more efficiently. I don't think l would’ve managed any of those things without Georgina’s coaching and l have to say that when l first started l never expected to get this much out of this incredible journey. It is the end for me, for now, but l’m sure l will be back.