In session 5 Georgina asked me how l felt about doing a guided meditation. This kind of thing is not for everyone and it’s not always used in life coaching but l’d mentioned I meditate every day, so I was interested to try it in this context. Georgina's voice was soothing and l immediately found myself in a relaxed state.

After the meditation Georgina asked me questions about what the imagery that came up during the meditation meant to me. Something really interesting is that in part of the meditation someone gave me a gift, and at the end when Georgina asked me what the gift was l had to tell her l did not know. I just put it in my bag and kept going, forgetting it even existed. I realised this represents the fact that l never really stop and look at my achievements or notice the things l am lucky to get, ‘the gifts’ l might encounter. I am always moving on to the next thing and feeling like a failure when I don’t manage to achieve it. After the session l began to stop and notice these things more often which has improved my general well-being and happiness. It's difficult though because, like anything, it's a habit that requires practice and it's easy to just get stuck in a cycle of always longing for what you don't have.

Another thing that stayed with me from the meditation was that we looked at an obstacle and when Georgina asked me what the obstacle stood for, l realised it had to do a lot with my self-doubt and not putting in the work. I told Georgina l’d decided I would work harder to see if that could get me anywhere and it did, soon afterwards l got an acting job! And finally, a character l encountered during the meditation told me ‘be true to yourself’, just those four words. I know it happened in my head, but perhaps it's time l took my own advice. It definitely feels that slowly but surely things are starting to move in the right direction.