Coaching options

My coaching programmes are suitable for anybody who is curious and open to learning more about themselves and willing to commit to making changes.

You might:

  • have a goal but can’t see a way to achieve it
  • have a particular area of life you would like to improve
  • have a feeling of ‘is this it?’ without really knowing why or what to do about it
  • feel completely lost and have no idea what you want, except that it isn’t what you currently have!

In the same way a personal trainer in the gym can target your outer appearance and physical health, coaching sessions focus on your inner world and overcoming your self-imposed limitations. In both cases, the continued effort made outside the session determines the results and whether they are maintained.

My coaching programmes take into account that every client is working with a different set of circumstances, different motivations and different reasons for coaching. All programmes start with an overview of your life so we can create a coaching plan and from there, every session is tailored to you.



Have you found taking a pause from normal life during lockdown has thrown up a load of questions about your life? Are you rethinking your career/relationships/lifestyle but wondering if it’s just lockdown talking? Or are you struggling to find motivation, and feel anxious about post lockdown life?

This programme was inspired by my S.M.A.R.T goals talk (available to watch here), and is motivation and goal focussed.

  • suitable for clients who would like to explore their post lockdown options
  • a good intro to life coaching
  • option to switch to 6 session programme after 3 sessions
  • designed to help you find your way through (and out of) lockdown


6 session coaching programme - £540

  • suitable for clients who would like to make long lasting changes
  • blend of coaching exercises, goal setting and CBC (Cognitive Behavioural Coaching)
  • bring awareness to neglected areas
  • understand what needs to be done to achieve your goals
  • explore how areas of life impact each other
  • build confidence

If you would like a first hand account of this coaching programme, why not check out Ana’s blog of her coaching experience by clicking here!


2 hour stand-alone session - £180

  • Suitable for clients who have a set goal in mind
  • Get clarity on exactly what you want
  • Zone in on any confidence zapping blocks or beliefs
  • Leave with a plan to reach that goal!


30 min intro call - £10 (redeemable against any sessions booked)

  • an informal way to chat through your reasons for wanting coaching
  • ask any questions you may have
  • check we are a good fit!